Tasteful & Distinctive Media Music


I’m a composer with a passion for old-school video game music.

It’s elegance and melodicism finds its way into everything I do.

One of my outlets is my YouTube channel with video game arrangements and alternative soundtracks - where you can see my work in action. I also made a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sheet music album.

My goal is to make memorable music that serves and enhances it’s setting.

How about we let the music talk? Check out the tracks below!

Intimate & Acoustic

The accordion has an evocative character. Since I’ve learned playing it I’ve had great joy playing folk and world music styles - ranging from Celtic to French to Klezmer and beyond.

There’s also live piano, guitar, whistles, vocals and drums on my tracks.

Grand & Sweeping

Few things trigger the imagination as much as a great orchestral soundtrack.

Inspired by the likes of Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy my tracks are both accessibly melodic and full of colour.

Bits & Bobs

Having games as my main music teacher growing up I’ve come to know many musical styles - from metal to reggae to jazz to electronic.

I’ve even released a solo piano abum!